26th August,2019


“You’re my sunshine.”
She could faintly visualise
The tint of tangerine in his eyes.
She aspires the sun beams
Enveloped in the aura of their dreams.

In the laughter flowing through his sunlit eyes,
She spots him wedged between the clouds
The yellow hues obtused
In the green of those greener paddy fields.

Smiling diligently beside those bluest skies,
She wonders!
Like the dew drops
If he furnishes his decent smiles
Moistened in the dreamy summer mornings.

All in the darkness,
She swiftly swallows these fleeting moments
Dancing merily with the moon-lit stars
She waits for the twilight
The heart can finally sing
When the sunbeams kiss moonlight.

By Saweeta Dangal


“The Tides”

I rush down the slopes of sunlit valleys
Excited to meet the beach
Dreaming about his pleagic waves
My heart warbles an eloquent poesy
I suffle my barrels breaking the rocks
Descending through those slanting hillocks
I dawdle my rhythms swiftly down
Burbling with the knolls that flirts
But, let me say
I won’t stay
To sing with the trifling pebbles
I mourn with shadows beneath
Waiting for those stubborn trees
For the dream to sparkle free
Then, I rush gleefully to the sea.

“Will I be back again?”

23rd August, 2019

By Saweeta Dangal

“Will I be back again?”

I lay here half dead
Lifelessly on this hospital bed
Wondering all my youth
Pondering ceaseless thoughts
The daydreams of her
It tames my soul
“Will I be back again?”

To the world I am just dead
Useless like my sundered limb
All that support
Hopes I’ ve lost
But, it still hurts
The bones and the heart
The heart;doesn’t have bones
Support; a fairy tale
“Will I be back again?”

That one fairy in white
Approaches with a smile
It slowly brightens my day
“Are you okay?”
The cells start to germinate
Recovers to the best
“Will I be back again?”

The hopes paved on my hopeless mind
And everyday
Suddenly, the melancholic thoughts shivers my soul
Where are the ones who are my own?
“Will I be back again?”

It crumbles
It crushes my heart
Envisioning myself in the teens
It tears me apart
The restless egoistic soul
Who thought he never needs a fowl
Now lays half dead
Dependent upon a hospital bed
“Will I be back again?”

It still hurts
To all those parts there are
Or there are not
As I lay here
“Will I be back again?”

Author’s Note:

What hurts a sensitive healer is the empathy.You tend to heal by understanding all the pain they feel. But, instead you tend to empathize only to realise you are feeling all the pain they feel.

“High Hopes”

15th August, 2019

by Saweeta Dangal

In the dusk;
She sets in the cursed horizon
To wail in misery of that black dark night
Her eyes swells with every thump in her heart
The affliction felt beneath those glinting stars
How worse the misery has grasped her!!

Her smiles;
Still controlled by those demons within
Those stars; she express her concerns with
Can see her yanking but can’t feel her pain
The tears that shines like pearl in the moonlight
Turned her insane in that lunatic night
The constellations jingled their favourite stars
But, couldn’t secure her dispirited heart
Only if the agony in her soul could fade
Like the waned moon to the dawn
She could rise rejoicing the twilight.

The hopes;
High hopes mystified her dreams
In melancholy, she waited for the crescent
To turn into full moon again
She awaits the dawn to light her soul
Waiting timelessly for the morning rays
To sprinkle glee to her doleful smile.

“Cosmic Infatuation”

14th August, 2019

By Saweeta Dangal

“Cosmic Infatuation”

My love,
You mean the world to me
The high and low lands; your magical arms
The deep blue oceans; your feelings intense
The ethos around; your free spirit
I explore the panorama of our world
That completes within us.

My love,
You are my universe
The sun, moon and all the witty stars
Your love blossoms like an expanding galaxy
Sharing all the positive vibrations
I feel that infinite love within you
That flows in meticulous gravitation.

My love,
You are the essence of my entity
Conjuring the ceaseless cosmos within us
Flaming like a tempestuous supernova
But, all that explodes is love
Those boundless feelings,
We’ve developed for each other
To inaugurate another universe.

“The crust of complication”

Dear blue,
Please donot complicate the yellows of my soul
Donot classify the laughter and my smiles
I know you are the insight of the geniuses
I know you seek that flame ablaze
That lights the you in me
I know all of that
All that you say or you don’t
And all that those eyes reveal.

Dear blue,
I know you are completely true
About all the vibrations we share
The hints of words expressed or never did
I know it all
All that you say or you don’t.

Dear blue,
Donot find me in the comfort
Or lost amidst us
Donot take me out from me
I know it all,
You don’t believe in fairy tales
Neither do I cherish the soulmates
When you believe in reactions,
I am fond of energies
The one we don’t talk about
But feel within.

Dear blue,
Donot prove the existence of colours
You’ve already admitted the rainbow inside me
Donot wave smiles to paint my canvas
All that’s stained still exists
Donot provoke that broken are still beautiful
Donot classify the talks you never want to end
I know it all
All that you say or you never did.

Dear blue,
I know, you know it all
All that I say or never will
You know it too
You’ve already sailed the ship ashore
Please consider and donot complicate me anymore.